Devon Raber

“I have over 13 years of dental experience, and when it was time for my sons to get braces Dr. Yanosky was my first and only choice. One of my children had an especially challenging situation and has been through two phases of treatment with Dr. Yanosky. In July 2015, we learned we were moving to Atlanta. Despite the long commute, I still opted to have Dr. Yanosky continue to be my child’s orthodontist for his treatment plan. Sure, other orthodontists offered a shorter treatment plan, but Dr. Yanosky was forth-coming about the long term consequences of cutting corners to save a small amount of time. I have happily commuted 6 hours from Atlanta to Birmingham round-trip every 8 weeks since 2015. Seeing the results, I know I made the best possible investment of my time and money. I would highly recommend Dr. Yanosky and am thrilled with the results.”

Jana Z.

“Dr. Mark Yanosky is a genius. One smile was very complicated and he treated in 3 stages. Actual braces only had to be worn about 18 months. I’ve seen kids wear braces for years without similar results. He’s very particular, always on the cutting edge of technology and also has a great staff. Would use him again in a heartbeat.”

Lindsey B.

“Yanosky Orthodontics blows me away every single time. I always leave inspired to achieve the same level of excellence and attention to detail in my own business”

Scott Sawyer

“Great adult & pediatric orthodontist! He and his staff have been wonderful with our 9 year old!”

Laura Davis

“Dr. Yanosky’s staff is always so friendly! They are very professional and personable. It is a great place! Dr. Yanosky does an amazing job with his patients. He is also very good with children with special needs!”

Dr. Sarah Sawyer

“Excellent Orthodontist! I recommend to all!”

Glen Hackney

“Dr Yanosky knows what he is doing and the office staff are genuinely nice people who are also knowledgeable and have a very professional demeanor. It seems like everyone there enjoys being at work, which is very unusual in my experience, especially in the medical profession. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Matt Bruner

“Dr. Yanosky is a leader and innovator in the field of orthodontics. As an orthodontist I have enjoyed listening to Dr. Yanosky’s orthodontic lectures. When presented with difficult cases I often consult Mark to get his advice on how he would treat the case. He is a world class orthodontist, a remarkable leader of his orthodontic team, loving husband and father.”


“I got my braces at the age of 30, they came off at 32. I just kept putting it off, thinking that I was too old, or they would be time consuming. Dr. Yanosky, and his staff, made me feel comfortable and excited about the entire process. I was nervous initially, but everyone was so nice and seemed to really care about my experience. That kind of support really put me at ease. Not a day goes by that I regret my decision. Its never too late to feel confident about your smile. My smile looks amazing! The compliments are never ending!”

Cheyenne Daniels

“I recently got my braces off and wanted to wait to give my review until the whole process was over. My experience the entire time was amazing. The staff is wonderful and always happy to see you. Dr. Yanosky is very knowledgeable and comfortable to interact with. I am in love with my smile and teeth and would definitely recommend this place to others.”

Brandon Jones

“Dr. Yanosky came highly recommended and after we arrived I can see why. My children were not ready for treatment so he scheduled us a follow up appointment. He was very knowledgeable and has always put the children’s needs over everything else. From what I have seen and heard, money has never been a focus or issue. This was very refreshing! If you or your children are in need of an amazing Orthodontist you need to schedule an appointment.”

Rebekah Harrelson

“Very friendly, professional group of people! They worked with my schedule and always found a way to squeeze me in when I had an issue. Dr. Yanosky personalized a plan for me. I was treated fairly and never felt like they were trying to sell me on more than what I needed. My teeth look great!”

Josh Firth

“Just finished a nearly 2 year stint in braces, with a very extensive upper jaw surgery in the middle to correct some significant bite issues. Mark and his staff not only made the experience of having braces in your mid-30s a positive one, but became much more than simply healthcare providers, they made you feel like family. I will miss seeing them on a regular basis.

I was hesitant when I started down this path back in March 2012, but I cannot say enough about what a great job Mark did with my treatment plan and how he worked tirelessly with my other physicians to make sure the end result was perfect. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you to Mark and the ladies – you will definitely have additional Firth family members as patients.”

Andrew Summerlin

“I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Yanosky and his staff. As a young adult, I had reservations about getting back into braces or Invisalign. However, after meeting with Dr. Yanosky, we put together a plan for treatment that allowed me to remain comfortable and confident. During the few months of treatment, Dr. Yanosky and his staff have been nothing short of kind and helpful (even when I was being picky as to the final positioning of my teeth). He and his staff bring a level of service and expertise that would be difficult to replicate.”

Eric Williams

“We moved to Bham 7years ago and our daughter knocked out her front permanent tooth when she crashed on her scooter. My wife and I were so upset and were referred to Dr. Yanosky. Because of the care he took with her and the knowledge he had of new techniques, he was able to restore her beautiful smile – you would never know! We will definitely be entrusting our other three children to Dr. Yanosky and his team!”

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