What We Do

Personal Service and Gentle Orthodontics; Closing the Gap Between Cutting-Edge Research and Personal Service

Everything about Yanosky Orthodontists is different, from our level of service and expertise, to our new technologies that reduce pain and improve accuracy, to the friendliness of our staff — we even answer the phone differently, bending over backward to fit your orthodontics appointments into your schedule. Our goal is to create beautiful smiles that fill our patients with confidence, and we want the journey to that gorgeous smile to be as comfortable and smooth as possible.

Whether you’re searching for an orthodontist for your family or for an individual, you’ll find a home at Yanosky Orthodontics. Individuals will find the highest level of care, exceptional service and an end-result that will help you look younger, less tired and more confident — many of our patients find a beautiful smile more effective than plastic surgery! Parents will love our family-friendly atmosphere — you’ll be amazed at how well Dr. Yanosky puts your kids at ease. Getting your family to the orthodontist doesn’t have to be a fight, and we do everything we can to keep your visits stress- and pain-free.

You’ll see Dr. Yanosky on every visit with us; he’s served families in and around Vestavia Hills for over a decade, and he loves meeting with patients and creating beautiful smiles. He’s hands-on, happy to explain every part of the process, and a true perfectionist about working with you to reveal your very best smile.

Types of Braces

We offer translucent braces, Invisalign®  and traditional braces. Even traditional braces are less noticeable now, and newer materials move teeth faster and are less uncomfortable than before.

Duration of Treatment

Our average treatment time is one to three years, depending on the growth of the patient and the severity of the initial problem. Because each person, and each mouth, is different and responds differently to treatment, initial estimates aren’t always accurate, but we’ll keep you consistently updated. 

When Should Kids Come to the Orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends beginning orthodontist visits around age seven; by that age, most children have a mix of adult and baby teeth, and often the orthodontist can diagnose and correct tooth and jaw problems early and without surgery. Our patients don’t pay for treatment until they actually get braces, so there’s no downside to bringing your children in when they’re younger.

What Can Teens Expect?

We know many teens have clubs meetings, school expectations and sports practices to work around — we work hard to help you work orthodontics appointments into your busy schedule. And because we offer translucent braces and more, braces are more comfortable and more stylish than they’ve ever been before.

Should Adults Get Braces or Other Orthodontic Treatments?

So many of our patients choose orthodontic treatment as adults, and we love to see how much confidence and comfort we can provide adults who’ve lived with orthodontic issues for years. Investing in orthodontic treatment as an adult is an investment in your health — many patients report fewer jaw issues, fewer headaches and even a better night’s sleep after treatment. A relatively short time with translucent or traditional braces or Invisalign® can lead to a lifetime of better smiles. Treatment can even make you look younger and make you happier and help you put your best face forward. Some patients report their orthodontic work was more effective in helping them be happier with their looks than even plastic surgery because a beautiful smile can change your looks and boost your confidence.


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